synthetix5 heat pad

Shake contents of bottle prior to heating synthetic urine. Shake heater pad, attach to bottle with rubber band. Place the bottle and the heater pad in your pocket.

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I posted this same response to the other Synthetix5 thread because i was just like . I prepped the bag, synthetix5 heat pad microwave for 10 seconds, applied the heating pads in the supplied .

Heat Pads Bottle . The heating element is air activated and says on the . It is not self -adhesive like the one in the Synthetix5 .

Extra heating pads available at $2.50 each. THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO

synthetix5 heat pad


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. reviews, synthetix5, synthetix5 review, synthetix5 reviews. Synthetix 5 complete bottle kit contains 3.5 oz premium grade synthetic urine, slim bottle, adhesive heat pad .

Used a product called Synthetix5 instead and passed with flying colors! Sweet! . I prepped the bag, microwave for 10 seconds, applied the heating pads in the supplied .

Heat pad and easy to read temperature strip. Safety sealed tamper proof package for your protection. Small, discreet, and easy to use. This kit comes premixed and ready to .

Using the enclosed heater pad alone will require approximately an hour to heat to 94�-100�F (see enclosed heater pad for activation instructions).

The synthetix5 heat pad Quick Fix Plus contains two ounces of .. 40 bucks and get 2 doses out of it and its 100% fool proof and they have heat pads . went to take her .

I followed the instructions, attaching the big heating pad via rubber band. I did this ~3 hrs prior to the test to make sure it was warm. The temp read 98 on the nose .
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